Brave not connecting to facebook, is it a bug

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**Description of the issue:**for over a week i cant login to Facebook using brave browser, its always worked fine until now. I have tried everything, empty cookies and cache , reboot device, open shields,. Logged out of Facebook on other device and browsers. Other browsers login fine.

*How can this issue be reproduced? I have no clue

1.I go to login and end up with a white page that says Meta, and nothing happens beyond that

Expected result:
To be able to login to Facebook with out all this time consuming hassle

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**latest version

Mobile Device details
Moto g7

*Additional Information:
This problem sucks, and so far your help forum sucks, i cant even figure out how view replies on old topics

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Yes. Facebook is a bug… :rofl:

But really, I couldn’t reproduce this. You can check your shield settings on facebook’s site - the lion’s head icon in the address bar, advanced settings. For me, everything is on the defaults. If you’re using strict settings anywhere, try setting them to standard settings.

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I’m not having any issues logging either.

Lots of forums where people have had this exact problem, its been going on for over a year for some people

Try the shield settings. I’m sorry that I don’t see the issue… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ive checked shields, ive turned shields off, did not work, turned shields on, did not work, rebooted the phone a hundred tines, made sure i was completely logged out of Facebook on my other device, cleared cookies, and cache a thousand times, nothing works. White Meta screen of death,

I’m not disagreeing, but I can’t replicate it so I can’t help diagnose it. I’m sorry.

I tried the shields , doesnt change

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