Brave not able to screen share first monitor in Google Meet (second attempt)

Good day,

I have the same issue explained in this post:

“So the problem is I have two monitors, but whenever I’m on Google meet, I cannot screen share my first monitor. Only Second Monitor shows up when I select the Option ‘Whole Screen’ in Google Meet. Please help.”

Please help… Thinking on migrate back to chrome, but I really like Brave!


Test . . .

  • Set up Brave Browser (“BB”) to start up and use only 1 window; no other windows nor tabs . . .

  • Close all BB tabs, and close all BB windows.

  • In a BB > New Window, resize and orient the window, so that the window resides ONLY within the area of your first monitor’s display (no part of the outermost-fringe of the window, is near the ‘real estate’ of the second monitor’s display area).

  • And then, Exit / Quit Brave Browser.

  • Start up Brave Browser.

  • Using a lone Brave Browser > New Window (or, if you prefer, a New Private Window) . . .

  • Connect to Google Meet, and see if your issue is resolved: Can BB THEN "share the contents of your screen [1st monitor display area] with ‘’ ?

289wk thanks for your answer, sadly it didn’t work.


Thank you for trying the test.

I have not used the Brave Talk service (‘’). You might test it between computers on a secure Local Area Network; and, thereby see if the failure (that is your topic / issue) continues to be a problem.

That would be good info to know, for Brave Support @Mattches

Details about your computer OS, monitors involved, their software, settings, and setup . . . plus Brave Browser version numbers, will help Brave Support.

Thanks again.

Can you tell me how your monitors are connected?

Additionally, I’m quite interested in what @289wk suggested

Would be good to test against a different screen sharing app. Checking to see if the same behavior when using Brave Talk will help us tell whether the issue is related to Brave itself or Google meet.

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