Brave Nighty don't check Payment Date?

My region is Vietnam => Unsupported Region. So in 10/05/2019 => Payment date.
I don’t know now what can I do, I search than people said that using Brave Nighty
=> Brave Nighty don’t check Payment Date?, can I use it for a temporary solution to wait for Brave support my region?

Can you elaborate more about your question?

Thanks for a quick response! Now I used Brave Browser and this is my reward setting25

Although I want to click Ads to earn BAT, my region wasn’t supported => I cant earn 0.1 BAT :frowning:.
I saw the next payment date is Oct 5 => I think in the due date, Brave is blocked? So I search and think Brave Nighty don’t have payment date?
I totally fall in love with Brave, but this issue makes me a little bit upset :frowning:

That’s payout date for ads earning. More An update to our Brave Rewards UI and a brief explainer on Ads BAT flow

Let me know if it’s still unclear.

Now I have 0 BAT because ads don’t apprear! So in the next payment date => I have nothing! => So, Brave will block me on this browser? I can’t use it anymore?

Because Vietnam is not in current supported countries. See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

No, you still able to use Brave.

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