Missing rewards from Nightly

In using Brave Nightly when looking at my account it says I have received 83 ads this month and I have read them all. I had probably around 3.200+ In rewards and all but .502 have disappeared. I believe the payout isn’t until 5-7-2023, so where did the rewards go? I do not have auto contribute/tips on. The other 2 Brave browsers, Brave and Beta rewards are still there it’s just Nightly that’s gone. Also, in the last couple of hours I have received approximately 12+ notifications for ads, on all 3 Brave browsers, that I clicked on and read but did not receive the rewards. I haven’t changed any setting from what I’ve used in the past on my Android 12 mobile so nothing has changed on my end. Any ideas?

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It is a bug. @mattches please look into this. Thanks. Tagging you since other support has been inactive since a while.



Could you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

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