Brave News on the new tab stopped working

Earlier this week (week of: 10-8-23 to 10-14-23) Brave news stopped functioning/loading. All I get on the New Tab/Dashboard now is the eternal spinning circle. Every other feature seems to be fine.

I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling Brave News and it doesn’t change anything. From within the Customize-Brave news-Sources, the list is blank and nothing comes up if I type in the search box.

I have the most recent update and relaunched Brave as of 10-14-23.


@Weaver would be helpful if you can provide details such as which version of Windows you’re using. Also which exact version of Brave you’re using as well.

Just to point out, the reason why exact version of Brave is important comes down to:

  1. Your “most recent update” could be referencing Brave, Brave Beta, Brave Dev, or Brave Nightly. All of which are available and using different version numbers.

  2. It could mean “The most recent update available to me. But it’s far outdated because I’m using Windows 7.”

  3. Sadly, some people assumed they had the most recent but hadn’t actually performed the update.

So those three combined, it’s always helpful to get specific information to make sure no wrong assumptions are being made.

Things to consider:

  • Are you using any extensions?

  • Does it appear if you create a new profile?

  • If you try to download from to do a manual update, do you see it resolve?

Hey. This happens sometimes for me too. Usually, I turn off news, close brave, also close end it in the task manager and then reopen brave and enable news and it does the job for me.

yess i have also faced this issue many times , all i do is open and close brave around 3,4 times and then the news gets loaded

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That fixed it for me. Thanks.

Thanks for your help. I’d added one extension about a week prior to that happening. I removed that extension and it didn’t fix it.

I used the method that SmartyAadi suggested and it worked.
I still don’t know what caused it but it’s fixed for now.

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