Brave News on Android Browser

I like the Brave News on my desktop but is it possible to also get it on the mobile browser (Android)?

According to the Github ticket below, it’s a work in progress.

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❛ Is Brave News available on all platforms?

Brave News is available on all desktop devices (Windows, macOS, and Linux), as well as iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). Android will be coming very soon. ❜ = FAQ, middle of the page:

Now, I first wanna know: When.
Maybe in the next Android app update?

I always loved the fact that Chrome showed tailored news for us, in NTP (new tab page), using Google Feed.

Idea :bulb: for Brave developers, if they see this: I wish I could choose between displaying BOTH :new: Brave News, but I wish I could have Google Feed too.

Maybe Brave developers can investigate Lawnfeed project for Lawnchair launcher β€” and achieve both. (option to toggle Brave News. Option to toggle Google Feed.)

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