Brave must curate search results to supress regressive leftist propaganda that floods the top of the other search engines brave search scrapes, they must also start crawling the web themselves

Brave Search is suffering issues from regressive leftist propaganda infesting search results as it’s getting said results from other search engines.

Brave is going to have to curate this scraped garbage out, and they are also going to have to invest in web crawlers so that the search engine can get more unbiased results.

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That was only during fallback. Brave has been building and doing its own search results. You can check how independent your result is by clicking the gear united states - Brave Search - Brave 8_15_2022 2_56_11 PM icon on the top right of the page. Doing so will show how much is in Brave’s search algorithm vs others.

You’ll see in my most recent search:

united states - Brave Search - Brave 8_15_2022 2_58_03 PM

This means over 90% of results are from Brave.

You may want to check out

But I’ll quote the more important part:

No, Brave Search does not filter, downrank, or censor search results. Nor will we change our search algorithm to increase or decrease the prominence of results in response to current events or anyone’s political, religious, ethical, or other beliefs. Brave Search—like Brave itself—is intended to be a user-first portal to the web, free of Big Tech’s manipulation.

However, there is one exception to this rule: We do need to comply with laws governing search engines, including CSAM, copyright takedown (DMCA), right to be forgotten (GDPR), and nation-state orders.

You’re kind of asking Brave to censor results because you’re not happy with what you see. That said, I’ll also refer you back to a post by person who works on Brave Search who responded to people on similar issues before:

and the comment made right above that one:

So yeah, you can see from the above official responses, they are working on it. If you want to participate, they explain how you can help. However, be careful on your own bias and opinions. We’ve had people here who claimed negative searches but they were very neutral. Their complaint wasn’t because of neutrality but were mad because results didn’t align with their agenda.

Goggles does exist and you can sort results as you wish for yourself. So if you want something sorted out or included based on political views or anything of the sort, I’d recommend you try checking out Goggles.


I was talking about how brave scrapes from other search engines initially before logging said results for itself.

I should also warn you that allsides itself has a regressive leftist bias and often falsely ranks right leaning sources as less trustworthy than left leaning sources while often marking left leaning sources as “centrist” and centrist sources as right leaning.

Sources that regurgitate falsehoods such as “jan 6 was a riot”, “gamergate is a harassment campaign”, “the alt-right is a real hate group”, “Western governments did not collude in medical fraud regarding mRNA vaccines and mRNA vaccines are safe and effective”, “Lauren Southern participated in violence against refugees”, “antifa and blm aren’t terror org’s”, “gender theory is not pseudoscience”, etc should be marked as untrustworthy. I also suggest you mark Wikipedia as having a far left bias too because they allow those falsehoods on their site.

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We do not do that.

Our search results are not biased either way. Certain queries may appear to be more “left-leaning” or “right-leaning” based on a variety of factors such as result popularity, recency and other factors.

Additionally, if you’re looking to block anything “left-leaning” in any way, as @Saoiray suggested, I would use Goggles. It does literally exactly what you’re asking us to do for you. Its the whole reason the feature exists. You can learn how to use Goggles here:

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Yes I know you do not do that, I am talking about what allsides is doing and that it’s therefore a bad reference for Goggles. You should not be promoting allsides under any circumstances.

Shame there isn’t any real alternative for allsides as they all have the same biases.

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I think Allsides is a good starting point to get viewpoints across the political spectrum. Also, they indicate the confidence level of a particular rating. So, imo, they are trying to indicate that based on the methodologies used to assign a rating, it may or may not be accurate . You can read about their methodology here: How AllSides Rates Media Bias.

I like to use sources that have at least a medium confidence level. If I see something from a source I don’t recognize, I go look up the methodologies used for the rating and the confidence level. It helps. Then, after I read a few articles from the source, I might go vote whether I agree or disagree with the rating. Allsides actually uses the feedback. I have seen sites resurveyed and more in depth analysis performed on a site based on feedback results. Sometimes the rating changes and sometimes it doesn’t but the confidence level in the rating does increase.

The point is, I am not sure Allsides has an overt/inherent “regressive leftist bias”. I do agree with their blurb on Media Bias. I believe they make the attempt, and in most cases succeed, in presenting information, and options, in an unbiased manner.

Everyone is biased — and that’s okay . There’s no such thing as unbiased news. But hidden media bias misleads, manipulates and divides us.

Here is a good article on ways to spot media bias: How to Spot 16 Types of Media Bias

I do not know what you are referring to when you say Allsides “ranks right leaning sources as less trustworthy…”. As far as I know, Allsides does not rank “trustworthiness”, they just have bias ratings. Media Bias/Fact Check does rank the “trustworthiness” of information. I use that site a lot too. The results are mostly inline with the Allsides ratings although there are some differences occasionally. I actually like Media Bias/Fact Check more than Allsides for ratings. The information on ratings and background is much more detailed but it is not a news aggregate site, so for the latest news, I start with Allsides.

Example Allsides:

Example Media Bias/Fact Check


Other News Aggregate Sites with Political Leaning and/or Factual Reporting Ratings: