Brave multi-user accounts

this is more of a feature question.
I like to know if Brave has the capability of creating multiple-user accounts I can log into and sync (bookmarks, add-ins etc) like Chrome and Firefox.
Reason being I like to use one browser for work, one for personal

Is there an option to do this in Brave like we can in Chrome or Firefox? this is in Windows 10.

For profile, yes. Click Menu > Create new profile.

But not for sync. Sync is currently disabled. And will be available again asap.

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thanks @eljuno
and can I transfer profiles from one device to another. it doesn’t ask me for a username or a password

and when you say sync will be available asap…does this mean a few days/months?

Brave Sync (and profile) is not using “account” like other browsers.

No ETA. Some information can be found here



Thank you @eljuno for answering my questions.

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