How do I sync my accounts?

I just downloaded the web browser for windows desktop and love the tipping feature. I cannot however figure out how to sync my mobile usage to the desktop login. When signing into the brave browser I didn’t see an option to login using existing credentials. Lastly, on desktop, when I click my profile it shows “Sync disabled, not signed in”. How do I sync and sign in? I can’t find the option anywhere.

Hi @Pizzapete,

Brave Sync is not yet available, both for desktop (0.56.x and higher) and mobile (Android/iOS). It’s still in the works.

The profile icon on desktop will be removed however.


How does one sync across Windows 10 desktops?

I currently have two desktops synced, using Brave version 0.25.2 (which is reported as being up to date).

I just added a third desktop running version 0.56.12 (which is confusing, since 0.25.2 is reported as up to date), and I cannot find anywhere to sync with the other two desktops.

Hi @jss1138,
Apologies for the confusion.

Brave 0.25.x is the latest version for the old Brave (brave-muon). The team is moving to new architecture and Brave 0.56.x (brave-core) is the new Brave.

0.25.x users not yet upgraded to the new Brave. Upgrade will happens in weeks. That’s why you see 0.25.x is up to date.


And like I mentioned above, Brave Sync for the new version 0.56.x is not available yet.


Thanks for the clarification.

That’s disappointing, though. I like the older Brave better.

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