Brave Keep Hanging

I’m frustrated with Brave hanging frequently for reason’s unknown. Today for example I was on the UPS.COM website and wanted to sign up so I could setup a pickup location for a package and was taken to a page where I had to enter my name, address, etc. The page rendered and Brave was not clocking but when I tried to enter data in the fields, nothing was happening. I retired several times but each time it would not allow me to type information onto the form. I then copied the page address and used ith with Edge without a problem. There are many time where I’ll be an a page and expect to be taken to another page and nothing happens. Every time when this happens the page times out and asks me if I want to wait or cancel and no matter how many time I click wait nothing happens. I can clip the page address from Brave and place in in Edge and Edge works just fine so I don’t understand why Brave keeps failing and the failures seem to be more common. Can anyone explain what’s going on or fix this?