Brave is being recognized as a game, icon disappears

Since last week, Brave has been getting recognized as a game by some android OS like oneplus and xiaomi. This means that the brave icon and widgets disappear unless the option to not hide games icons is selected. This makes brave icon and widgets appear as normal but other game icons too

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install Brave
  2. Wait a couple of minutes and it will be picked up as a game

Expected result:
Brave is not recognized as a game

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.40.113, Chromium 103.0.5060.114

Mobile Device details
I have a oneplus 9 pro but also heard of oneplus nord and other xiaomi phones with the same problem

I think it’s bcoz your phone thinks that brave is a game. Disable this option if that choice is available.

It is likely from oneplus/xiaomi and not from brave.
It is quite odd and should not have happened since brave is based on chromium, so it should be recognized not as a game just like chrome and xiaomi own chromium browser.

If it is really bugging you, contact oneplus/xiaomi devs and ask them to make changes in their own code.

removing Brave as a game makes it so it doesn’t appear neither in the games app, nor in the system so its even worse

I did contact oneplus (since its my phone brand) and the support basically told to format my phone after trying some things that didn’t solve the problem

Try updating your phone software and Google Play Store.
Ig this might help.

Do not format. It’s a Chinese phone problems. This problem has been occuring only on Chinese phones from the past few cases that I’ve encountered. Just remove Brave from the game area and it’ll operate as usual.

As @Accsajesaje stated “remove Brave from the game area”. Thought I would provide screenshot from a topic with a similar issue.

If this is what you are experiencing…
CPU / GPU / NETWORK overlay on browser, how to turn off?

Try this…

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