No launch icon after New version installed

Description of the issue:

I use Brave since several years. Recently and with several version of Brave, when I update Brave the icon disappeared.
Impossible to launch it. I have to put back the old version.
There no possibility to launch it even by going to the applications informations (where you can clear cache, modify authorisations, etc…):

Brave Version:
The last version that caused this problem is 1.28.106.
But this time, impossible to solve the problem by putting back the older version.

Mobile Device details
Samsung A71

What can I do?

PS: I made Brave working again by installing the 1.27.109 version.

My wife have now the same problem.
I had to install an old version.
Nobody has the same issue?

I have not seen this issue anywhere up until now. Does your wife have the same type of device?

My wife have a LG G6. For my part I have a Samsung A71.
We doesn’t use Google Playstore, no Google account on our devices.
We find our app on Updown App Store. No issue with other app downloaded on this site.

Well unfortunately it’s going to be hard to resolve this issue given that you appear to have downloaded the application from an unofficial source. This is likely the cause of the issue(s) you’re encountering and will also prevent you from using Rewards services.

I will try to download Brave via Playstore.

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