Brave IOS 17 screen goes black

The screen is constantly going to a full screen black video which you have to cancel out of to get back to the browser. Doesn’t appear to happen on iPadOS 17 but only iOS 17.

@Kevinatbcp I haven’t had this issue on my iPhone. Do you notice this happening on any particular site or content? Perhaps you can walk through a bit more of what you’re doing when you experience the issue?

It also helps if you can always make sure to provide more detail on versions you’re using. For example:

  • Which version of iOS 17? I’m on 17.0.3. Others are reporting 17.0.1 or 17.0.2 as well. (17.0.1 released September 21, 17.0.2 on September 28, 17.0.3 on October 4)

  • Which version of Brave? Brave just released 1.57.2 a week ago to be better compatible with iOS 17. Needless to say, if you’ve not seen that and haven’t updated, it could explain part of the issue.

Latest version of Brave. After looking more into it, I’ve only had the issue on one site, I have my Brave security settings set to default on that site. I toggled on the “block scripts” and the issue went away though of course some of the content is affected. Probably more a Rivals issue than Brave.

Perhaps. And just to check, do you have an account there? When I visited on my iPhone it was showing various things and I did get blank pop-ups that made it seem like a video would play, but it was black screen. I’d tap on the screen and it would show the play button and all, but nothing played. ,

If left alone, it brought me to a site saying Join RIVALS.COM for access to this premium section and it was trying to get me to Log in or subscribe today.

I am a member, and that is what was happening, a black screen video would randomly pop up with no content. I’d close it and a few seconds later it would happen again. Over and over. It wasn’t because of me clicking on anything, it was just random, on any page. I’m on iOS 17.0.3 and Brave 1.57.2 (

I’ll tag in @fanboynz just to see if he can check it out as a compatibility thing and if there’s anything to be done.

Does shields affect it or disabling any of the custom lists ?

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