Brave iOS 1.36 Bookmarks icon shortcut BUG - ignores display orientation

Description of the issue:

This bug report (re Brave Browser iOS v1.36) is a continuation of the previous bug report (re Brave Browser iOS v1.34.1):

Brave iOS 1.34.1 Bookmarks icon shortcut bug - ignores display orientation

GitHub issue 4896 is NOT fixed:

BUG: When viewing a webpage in landscape mode, tapping the Bookmarks icon shortcut, causes/forces the display to change to portrait mode.

User then has to orient the iPhone to the portrait holding (portrait mode), then proceed with the intended Bookmarks processing . . . and then orient the iPhone back to the landscape holding (landscape mode).

While testing, toggled each of the following swiches, with no change in behavior of the bug:

  • iPhone display screen orientation switch

  • Brave iOS Bookmarks shortcut switch

Repeatable. Occurs for all webpages.

iOS 14.8.1 - iPhone 8

Brave iOS version 1.36 (

This BUG was probably introduced with version 1.34.1 Version 1.32 and earlier, did NOT have the BUG.

iPhone screen orientation is NOT locked; and, the iPhone is free to rotate and display in either landscape or portrait mode.

Brave iOS 1.36 “Show Bookmarks Shortcut” settings switch is ENABLED, and the Bookmarks icon shortcut is displayed (left of the URL address area) where it has been for earlier Brave iOS version(s).

Other DISPLAY settings are:
Appearance: Light
New Tab Page: Show Background Images: DISABLED
Show Tabs Bar: Never Show
Close Tabs: Manually

It’s this ticket
I’ll try to move it up to a higher priority

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