Brave Installer has a Trojan?

I wanted to try out Brave to see how its Leo AI assistant compares with Bing CoPilot. However, I have found that VirusTotal reports a trojan

Brave Trojan

Is there a real problem here?

No. I highly suggest you take your time to learn more about tools you use and how they work. For example, VirusTotal will take and run things through a variety of sources to test on things. If there’s an issue, it’s going to show up on multiple places. If it only shows up on 1, then it tends to be a false positive.

When you provide the download links, it all always comes up with absolutely no issues. Example is screenshow below:

When you save the file and then upload to test, DrWeb has given a consistent false positive, but all the other (71 places) all show there is no issues.

But then you can scan the same installer with Windows Defender, Norton, or anything else and you’ll see something like below:


So the file contains no known threats. Why DrWeb is giving the false positive is beyond me, but it has come up routinely for a while now. Yet it’s the only thing in the world saying there’s an issue.