Brave in Fedora Repos

I’m a new Fedora developer looking to become a package maintainer for one (or more) of the packages in the Fedora repositories. Given that I’ve enjoyed my experience with Brave thus far, I’d like to submit a Brave package to the repositories. Having said that, I have a few questions:

Have there been prior attempts to submit Brave to the repositories? If so, what happened? If not, was this for a concrete reason or just because there hasn’t been the need/interest/resources?

I know that there is an rpm available for Brave. Where does the code for that currently reside? I’m happy to create a .spec file on my own and build the package myself, but since there already seems to be a standard .spec, it makes more sense for me to work from there.

cc @kamil @clifton on this

Hi @14rcole - I don’t think we’ve ever tried to officially submit a package for Fedora. On Desktop, we’re in the midst of a switch from browser-laptop to brave-core. The repo you’re going to be interested is for brave-core which you can find here:

We have documented steps for cloning and building this repo. When you’re ready to get the binaries, you’d basically run:

npm run build Release --debug_build=false --official_build=true
npm run create_dist Release --debug_build=false --official_build=true

At this point, there should be an RPM and a DEB package created under src/out

I’d recommend creating an issue where you can track your work if you’re interested in taking this on :slight_smile:



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