Using debmirror to sync brave repo for debian/ubuntu distros (legit?)

Hello, folks.

First of all, let me thank THE BRAVE TEAM and the whole BRAVE COMMUNITY for the great browser I like to use every day on my GNU/Linux laptop. You’re the best.

I’ve two questions:

  1. Is it legal to sync brave repository for debian/ubuntu distros? The only purpose of this for me is to easier redistribute brave across devices in my LAN (for faster installations and updates). Unfortunately, I’ve failed to find the answer for this questions on official/non-official resources about brave.
  2. If it’s legal, could somebody please help a bit with the command. I’ve used to sync official debian/ubuntu repos. If I go to e. g. I see the whole repo structure and easily can determine arguments for debmirror like --root (debian), --arch (amd64), --section (main, non-free), etc. However when I go to I got redirection to If I try to guess path to dists directory, like or something like that I always get
<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

Is it even possible to access repo in such a way and sync with debmirror in case it’s legal?

Thanks in advance!

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