Brave icon looks kindy ugly on Mac OS

Maybe make it more smooth and round?


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What exactly is the issue you’re referring to/ Looks just fine to me.


I guess @pewpew may have been referring to the icon feeling foreign on MacOS since most other apps have either round or rectangular icons. This bugs me a lot as well (but I’m kind of a perfectionist).

Here’s my Dock for example:

I also agree the Brave icon looks ugly, compare to all other browsers out there it’s by far the worst design. It’s such a shame. Personally I use another icon instead of the original.

This thread made me laugh. Icon is fine for me, although maybe the lion icon is bit better.


Personally I think that Brave the best icon browser…It is an original idea…And not just some colours…It is like the icon from Firefox…there is a fox and here is a lion :wink:
Do not change it

The original Brave icon looks great.

The real problem is that Brave icon just now did change to Apple-suggested weird rounded whatever with tiny icon inside. Now this IS ugly,

I hope the original icon - which is great - will be restored. I also posted a separate request.


P.S. If Brave developers just have to follow the suggested shape while keeping an impressive icon, then this would be much better: