Brave Honey Extension error

I used to have a extension called honey(the link to extension: )
and I don’t have it anymore today I checked my task manager (brave’s task manager(shift + esc)not window’s default task manager(ctrl + shift + esc)) and found out that the honey extension is working even though I don’t have it! (there are a few screenshot about it attached here)

Note: I have tried end processing honey and relaunching the browser and I have also tried adding and removing honey again!


Bro why do you have the chrome video popout and AdBlock when both of those features are built into chrome?

Maybe the Honey extension is used in a different Brave profile? Also remove the extension, rather than just disable. @Dheerajplayz398

I did disable it + there is no other brave profile

what do you mean? + that was nothing related to my question

i know but like why?

I use ad block for one specific website + video pop out for watching yt while scrolling reddit. But the thing I want to remove is honey.

You can watch youtube while scrolling reddit. Theres video popout in brave too

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