Brave homepage giving wrong info

The Brave homepage says “Congrats! Your December rewards have arrived!” but they have not. This is the first time this has happened in 3 years of using Brave rewards. My Gemini account is linked and verified but they’ve not arrived there. Can someone kindly advise/assist. Thank you.

It’s a generic message. Please wait till payout has finished and update about situation.
Track payout status at

Thank you. Any idea how long it takes?

Not sure. It could be days, sometimes even weeks to process all payments.

Hi again. It’s still not arrived however it’s now saying:

Brave Ads Payout status update for January 2023:

  • Users connected to Gemini: :green_circle: Payments Complete

As said, never had an issue like this in the past. Payments have always been received promptly.

Dming you now. Thanks!

Thank you. Seen and replied.

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