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Description of the issue:

Brave does not give up focus to another process. However, multiply clicking in new window can make Brave give up focus. Easiest way to do this is:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Bring up YouTube video on monitor #1
  2. Bring up VIM on monitor #2
  3. Start video
  4. Move to monitor #2, click in VIM editor.
  5. Hit spacebar
  6. YouTube video stops. (Which means it still has focus EVEN THOUGH you are focused on the VIM editor windows.)
  7. I have not tried this with too many other programs but so far VIM, NotePad++, and Notepad all seem to do this with Brave.

Expected result:

Brave should loose focus.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

Using Windows 10. It used to be all I had to do was to just click in a window once and focus was transferred. Now it is as if Brave is just ignoring the mouse click. Otherwise - great program!

Note: And now - of course - Brave is not acting up. Just tried it and it is working like it should be. But then - I did just type this up. ARGH! Why can’t it keep mucking up like it was!?? Oh well - something to look at. If I can capture a video of it doing this I’ll put it on Dropbox and provide a link.

System Info via Speccy:

Before any troubleshooting — is the version number you’ve listed correct? If so you’re very far behind in updates. The current release is v1.65.114. Can you please update the browser to the latest build and then tell me if the issue persists?

Done. It just updated today for me. No message in the last few days. Hmmmm. Unknown.

Also, update on what I am doing when this happens.

  1. I have multiple monitors.
  2. I have Brave on the left monitor. (#2)
  3. I do programming on the middle monitor (#1)
  4. Third monitor is usually off. X-Pen monitor for drawing (#3)
  5. #1 Monitor is running VIM
  6. I run a PHP script I am working on. This is run FROM VIM. I have macros that allow me to do so. Just a [ESC]U runs the script and dumps the output to OUT.DAT. (ie: php [script] >out.dat)
  7. It is when the script is through that I have this happen. (ie: CLI (using cmd.exe) comes back and says “Hit any key to close this window…”

Ugh. Just tried it again. It did it a few moments ago but now that I’m trying to get it to do it - it is working. Very frustrating. Instead, what happened is that the VIM window would not do anything. Had to do a couple of clicks to get VIM to respond. I’ll keep try to catch it.

I’m wondering if it is that there are just so many levels to the multiple monitors and multiple windows that something is getting mucked up. Unknown. More as I keep trying.

Ok, I just had it happen again - but now I think I may know WHY it is doing it and it might not even be a real problem. Which would be an even bigger pain in the rear.

Ok - let’s go back.

Again, I have three monitors. Monitor #3 is off. So it is not even involved. Monitor #2 is where the Brave browser resides. It takes up the entire screen. Monitor #1 is where I have VIM opened.

Again, Brave is running a YouTube video on monitor #2 and what I do is to run a PHP script on monitor #1 (where VIM is located). This is done via a macro I wrote years ago. The macro just dumps in “:w!:!php [script] > out.dat” which opens a NEW window to run the script (which it does).

Now, this ONLY happens (at least so far today) when the script finishes, I get the message to hit a key to close the NEW window and go back to the VIM window.

Here is why I think this is happening and why it may or may not be a Brave browser problem.

After hitting the ENTER key, that NEW window closes. When THAT happens, the YouTube video stops also. So what seems to be happening is that EVEN THOUGH I hit the ENTER key over the window VIM opened - the ENTER key (or any other key I pressed) goes back to Brave AND Brave executes whatever the keystroke would normally do in a YouTube video (or maybe whatever Brave would do with the keystroke).

It is unknown (to me) exactly why this is happening but I still think there is a problem with Brave because it should not react to a key being pressed in another window. It is possible that the trickle-down thing Windows does with information coming down the pipe has something telling Brave to react to the keystroke. But that is only because I have a vague idea how Windows handles incoming keystrokes. (From reading books on programming in Windows it said something about a keystroke’s information being put at the top of a pipeline and the keystroke falls down the list and if it gets to your application and your application is looking for a keystroke that then you can do whatever with the information but are then supposed to send it on down the pipe. I’m sure there is some kind of extra information about what window the keystroke was done over but maybe there is some kind of exception when a window has closed. Unknown.)

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