Brave Future with Uphold

So, I’ve been using Brave for a time now (thus earning rewards). I also participated as a Creator. All getting hyped up with the rewards I considered reasonable. Flashback early this year, I think Uphold doesn’t have much support and fair attention to their users/account holders. That may be because of what we had throughout (pandemic). I tried to verify my account in any way possible and for the longest time ever possible for it be unfortunately, they can not verify my account and can no longer continue to use Uphold. Started patiently verifying and waiting early this year and got a sobering response just this month, November. I readily added my bank account, transferred a small amount from a different crypto wallet, just for heaven sake I just simply want my account to be verified for my rewards to be transferred. Anyhow, I have funds that I could no longer access in Uphold and they will just contact me via email for god-knows-when and how. Well, since Brave for whatever reason or business consideration that they just only have ONE option to withdraw. No buzzing, no new talks, no banging, no extreme mile stone at all…while all other tokens are raging trice as fast given the time Brave has been on the chain. Brave value is losing power. Slowly but surely.

It would be tremendous game changer if Brave had offered options to the key players - withdrawal option as such. Bringing ahead all browser fanatic on the wagon. I have cryptotabrowser too. But opt to be keep using Brave. Considering that Brave company partners has long been stagnant in strong partnership and by the numbers. So, what do you think Brave’s Future?

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