Brave for android doesn't remove Google ads. Google ads are always showing up

Whenever I search something in Brave android first few results are always from Google ads. Brave fails to remove Google ads.

My location is India.


Hey @Manju1,

what did you select in brave://adblock/?

Cosmetic ads aren’t hidden just yet in Android, it is being worked on.

Check the image, There is no specific filter for India.

But other browsers like Mozilla, Microsoft edge are able to block cosmetic ads. I have been hearing the development work regarding cosmetic ads since 6 months. Still no progress.
Microsoft edge is using ABP adblocker, I am not seeing any cosmetic ads.

I don’t understand why the fanboys’s india filter is not enabled. Have a look again! :wink:

I did, but again Google ads are appearing.

See: Google Ads are showing up on Windows similar quesion

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Solution: Never use Google again. Use DuckDuckGo instead

For the record, DuckDuckGo is based on Microsoft Bing.

Simple fix…choose DUckDuckGo as you search provider. No Ads in my searches…Google is the main problem