Ad not blocked, Brave Android 1.5.6

Description of the issue:
Google ads ie from on still appear even though Shields is active and JavaScript is disabled

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Visit on Brave Android
  2. At the top of page there’s an ad, over-sized and prominent

Expected result:
No ads whatsoever

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.5.6

Mobile Device details
Android 7

Additional Information:
Has been like this for quite some time. Google seems to constantly change its doubleclick subdomain probably to defeat ad blockers and Brave’s adblock doesn’t seem to be smart enuf to detect and block these automagiacally compared to just simply install an ad blocker like uBlock or ADB as a browser add-on. At one point I’ve even seen some ads on desktop version delivered from 218.227.224 . 35 . bc . googleusercontent . com which is quite hard to block and decided to just block the entire block of IP adds,, in firewall, which is dumb because
googleusercontent . com is OK. As for theregister I won’t visit it so long as the ad is still there :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of the ad? I’m not see it on my end. Also cc @fanboynz

I couldn’t see any ads on my side (tested on a OP6 + Android 10). Can you re-test via a vpn?

I’ve noticed this several times with Brave on Android 10 over the past couple of weeks, inconsistently, the most recent instance being today. Shields up, and showing that a certain number of ads/trackers were blocked, but ads displayed anyway and on multiple sites. I cannot reproduce it at will, but turning shields off then back on again today seemed to fix it – when the page reloaded after turning shields back on, ads no longer displayed for the sites. Hasn’t recurred again today, and I have only seen this occur a few times total.

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