Brave downloads automatically hidden (MacOS)

Any files downloaded using the Brave browser are automatically hidden on MacOS (Sonoma 14.1.2). Or, when trying to upload those same files using Brave, they appear hidden even when their hidden flag has been removed, and they are no longer hidden on the local desktop. This has applied to pdf/doc/docx/jpg files. I’ve tried downloading to other folders besides the Downloads folder, and I have the same issue. The browser is up to date. I am also having this issue with the Chrome browser.

Thanks for reaching out.
Also on Sonoma 14.1.2 here and not seeing this in Chrome or Brave. To be clear, you mean that when you say the files are “hidden”, do you mean they appear hidden when you open the brave://downloads page? Or are they hidden on the system/locally itself?

Thank you for getting back to me. They’re auto-hidden locally/system when I go to my local downloads folder. I seemed to have found a workaround where in Brave Settings >> Downloads >> “Ask Where to Save Each File Before Downloading,” I’ve toggled this off (it was on), and it appears to have addressed the download issue for now, but I’ll keep an eye on it if it resurfaces.

Thank you for the information.
Looks like some other folks are seeing this as well — appears to be a Chromium bug:

I’m having this issue. It looks like it’s been fixed on the Canary build a couple of weeks ago. Any clues on when this will make it’s way into Brave?

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