Brave doesn't open links in FB

This one is hard to describe. I upgraded Ubuntu 21.10 to 22.04. And immediately noticed that Brave would not open at all. I’m using Mate desktop. Ubuntu is bundling Firefox browser and killing the competition is par for the course, so I checked online, found a tutorial about installing the latest Brave from the terminal, and did so. Brave then opened and seemed to be normal…until I was using FB. All my links from bookmarks work.

What happens is that I can open FB, but there are 10’s of links that when clicked, open a new tab, but the content is never displayed. I can do the routine stuff like google something and those links open, but much presented in FB just won’t ever open.

Lemme give an example, I often click on articles posted by Geo Takei, and those open in their own tab. But since I installed this new copy of Brave, they just never open. I get a white screen and it just shows the rotating timer graphic, but the page never opens. Same thing happens if it’s a ‘’ link to a story. Nothing but a white page. Other items, like embedded videos do open.

I’ve tried Mewe but whenever I click on those embedded links, they do open so I think it’s only with FB.

I think this has something to do with the upgrade and subsequent reinstall of Brave, but is it?

EDIT: If the FB link looks like this - of stuff here, then the page won’t ever open.

Any ideas of how to proceed? Thanks.

I have installed Vivaldi and it doesn’t have this issue.

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