Clicked links in Brave don't open

Brave is default browser. When I click on a link in a site being viewed, the link doesn’t open. This is recent problem. Previously, links clicked on in Brave would open in Chrome. Now they don’t open at all.

Further clarification, links clicked on in GMail, accessed through Brave, do not open anywhere as well.

@ksutherland this is not an issue for me. Can you provide some more details?

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (provide exact version number, don’t just say “latest”)

  • Which OS? (such as Windows 11, Android 12, Mac Ventura, etc)

  • Does this happen in private window as well?

  • Assuming you’re on desktop, if you create a new browser profile, does this issue happen there as well?

That shouldn’t have been the case at all. It would have required you to adjust a lot of settings or use an extension to make that happen.

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