Brave does not update custom filter lists

As title says, while Brave checks for updates to the built-in lists (global and regional) every few hours, it does not check for updates to any custom list set in brave://settings/shields/filters. Noticed on all three branches. I have several lists with different expire directives, none of them are auto-updated, so I guess Brave just ignores them?

Currently yes, all lists are updated daily.

Integrated lists, yes.
Custom lists, no. When I opened the settings it said the last update was 17 days ago.

@talgeeze which custom filter lists are you seeing this on? I’m wondering if specifying where it can be added and tested by others might help figure out what’s causing it. Also, are you saying ALL custom lists don’t update or is it just the 1-2 you added which might not be updating for some reason?

Personally, I’ve not messed with adding lists and not even going to pretend I know anything. Just trying to consider a possibility if both of you are correct in what you’re saying.

Some regional Easylist filters not included by default, IDAC and ClearURLs (which as I discovered a while after I added it can’t work with Brave so I moved it to uBO).

This is what the OP means, Custom filter lists added don’t update, unlike the Regional lists or the Default ones. So you need to force the update by clicking on 3 dots menu and click Update Now.
I used the links from the regional.json for testing but It doesn’t matter if they are file:/// or https://, the lists don’t attempt to update (I had my local list not updating for 30+ days).
But as you can see by the Local State file, there are not even attempts to try to update the lists, they stay the same time when they were added, so they have to always be forced, one by one.

Custom Lists - Settings

Edit: I just made a test, modifying the “last_update_attempt” to couple minutes later, the UI will throw an error “update failed X minutes ago” or “failed to download” but when the time reaches, the list gets updated.
So the mechanism works, but the problem I guess is that it never really checks for updates for the lists to get updated, so it seems just a bug somewhere.

I had checked if it was a UI bug or if the browser was indeed ignoring the custom lists by going through the FilterListSubscriptionCache subfolder in User Data, but I guess double-checking cannot hurt.