BRAVE disconnected from Uphold

@Franck Ah, ok. Yep, might just be something screwy in how it got translated to French on Brave’s side or something. But the part right after that, saying you’ve been flagged, is the key aspect. So it is saying that you’re flagged. Essentially system saw something that it believes is a violation of Terms or an attempt at fraud.

There are a lot of little things that can contribute to it, even sometimes even things that are normal and innocent, such as using VPN. (if you want far greater detail on VPN explanation, check out answer I just gave someone on the topic here)

In any case, flagged accounts are supposed to go through automatic review but hasn’t appeared to do so in a long time. So that support ticket link I provided is the best way to get Brave to look into it and make a decision. They’ll either reply to advise they have removed the flag (reinstated your account) or that they won’t reinstate your account (your Rewards profile is permanently suspended/banned).