Brave (desktop, windows) sends out the Keyboard layout


When I tested several browsers (on my Windows PC) on fingerprinting test sites, I noticed that brave does send out the keyboard layout of the user. You can test this yourself on (entry 47).

This is no problem for the average QWERTY keyboard, since this is used by several million users. But it is an extra element for the fingerprinters, especially if you live in Europe - where there are several layouts depending on country / language. Spain has it’s own seperate keyboard layout, as well as Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, etc.

An overview of those different keyboard layout can be found on

My Belgium/azerty layout is used by 0.1% of all users. When a fingerprinter has 3 similar data, I can be singled out in a group of 1 billion users. Firefox doesn’t send out the keyboard layout.

Could you look at this for a future version?

Thank you, and keep up the good work.


Interesting and thank you.
I have bookmarked the main test page and am playing with it.

If you want to look for every possible security issue(not just the browser) you might like Belarc Advisor (free)

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Thank you, I’ll try Belarc.
I also tested Brave on
Visiting that site repeatedly (with different browser/settings) also taught me a lot

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