Keyboard layout automatic switch

Hi Brave Team,

Thank you so much for your browser and all the work you do.

I have a suggestion:
Would you please consider implementing a feature of automatic keyboard layout switch?

In details:

  • I mistakenly type a url in the Russian language -> the browser doesn’t find the url and leads me nowhere.
    With the automatic switch, I expect Brave to switch the url into Russian AND automatically open the correct url.

I type ‘пщщпду’ (which is ‘google’ in Russian keyboard layout)
-> Step 1: Brave changes ‘пщщпду’ to ‘google’
-> Step 2: Brave forwards me to the web-site that resembles my corrected request, so I am redirected to ‘

Why this is important

  1. This feature dramatically reduces time for surfing
  2. Gets the user rid of doing extra actions
  3. Decreases a user’s annoyance of a constant correction of his/her keyboard layout, thus making the user’s experience of using Brave more satisfying
  4. This feature is implemented in Yandex browser (Russian browser based on Chrome browser) and is greatly appreciated by Russian users (I used to use Yandex browser, I live in Russia, and I am telling the truth), which is one of the reasons more and more Russian users jump to Yandex browser from other ones.

Thank you for taking time to consider my suggestion.
You are doing great work with your browser.

Kindest regards,