Brave Desktop App says it's open but I can't see it. I have tried deleting and reinstalling

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@Isaac3173 Send a screenshot of (Brave) processes in task manager.

The screenshot is a little unclear because it shows two of my screens so here is an explanation. I am hovering over the Brave Browser and I still can’t see it.

It looks like it is open but it really isn’t. what tis really happening is that I am hovering over it and it brings me to my desktop screen and I can’t see the browser whatsoever. I have had this problem for months now and nothing has worked.

Check if firewall doesnt block Brave.

(post deleted by author)

How would I do that?

Check in internet security application.

Sorry if I am being difficult but I don’t know what that is

For your OS, go to your windows settings and type firewall in the search bar. If you are using virus protection software, open the software and you should be able to find any firewall settings using the same method.

@Isaac3173 ,

Tell us more about your computer setup and the details of the appearance of things in your screenshot. There is no mention of your computer displays (and their settings), your computer Windows OS version, nor your Brave Browser version numbers.

My guesses are:

  • you have 2 computer displays

  • Brave Browser is running (not crashing) and you have no extensions enabled/installed

  • you are not running other Internet browsers

  • you are not running other applications that might be somehow/mysteriously reserving some area in the LEFT display

  • a Brave Browser window is showing in the RIGHT-hand display (as you have defined LEFT and RIGHT displays - somewhere in your computer’s display settings)

  • you expect Brave to either:

a) show the same Brave Browser window in the LEFT display as in the RIGHT display
b) display a single Brave Browser window in a wide-panaramic appearance using both LEFT and RIGHT displays

What do you expect to see in the LEFT display?

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