Brave creators says that my youtube account is connected to another account

Hello ive been receiving payments as a youtube creator for a few months, i have received bat payments through the platform as a creator , but today when i signed in i was told that brave was having problems connecting and i should try disconnecting and reconnecting my account.

After i attempted to this i got an error saying that my account was connected to another and brave does not allow multiple accounts.

Does this mean i cant add more than youtube channels to my brave account or more than one email address cause i use one email address for my two channels, i did remove the other channel to see if it could solve the problem but still not resolved

Well, you’re sure that you don’t have any other Brave creators account and don’t have it connected to that one?
Also, you sure no one is able to access your Brave creators and Youtube Account?

i doubt id still have access to it, is it possible to change the email address?

also i have i gotten paid previously so how did it change to another account now

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