Brave Payments: Duplicate accounts?


I tried to log in to my brave payments account today and was sent to a login screen where I entered the email that I used previously to open the brave payments account.

But instead I have created another account using the same email as before?

Now I can’t seem to login to my original account which I have already opened an Uphold wallet and verified my Youtube channel.

Could you please help me trouble shoot what to do now with these two accounts?

And how can I login to my original account?

Thank you for any assistance in this matter.


Hi @doingfamily

Could you please post the site/youtube channel you verified with us so we can start to troubleshoot?

Update: Could you also private message me your email address associated with the verified site(s)/YouTube channels?


Thank you Lauren!

The Youtube channel is:

When I try to log into Brave Payments with the gmail account associated with this youtube channel it set me up with a new account…

Thanks for your help!!

I will send a private message with the email address!

Kind regards,


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