Brave Support uncooperative at recovering access to my account

I’m a BAT creator that joined several years ago, using the old YouTube login and setting up an email that I do not currently have access to, because my brand changed domain names. Since the Legacy YouTube login does not work (why is the button still on the page?) I’m locked out.

I have been trying to get back into my Brave Creator account, but support has been unable to provide me with access. It’s been 3 months since I submitted proof of ownership of the 2 YouTube channels linked to my account. I sent latest invoices for the expired domain name that I used to register, and made live changes to the YouTube channels so the support agent got proof of ownership, which he says forwarded to the team 3 months ago.

I’m wondering what’s happening with my account and if it’s there in the first place. It is registered to my name and had quite a bit of BAT from contributions.

Hi @heroboard, I’m very sorry for the delayed reply here. Following up in a DM.

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