Brave Creator Verification Email

Hey, so I’ve just recently verified my uphold account and have a brave creator’s account however the verification link for my creators account has expired and I need a new one to verify my account.
What is the procedure to get a new verification link for my account?

  1. Every time you want to log into your account you need to call type in your email adress and there you receive a key which is only valid a short time. 1-2 hrs or so.
  2. Check your email.
  3. Then click Log in to Brave Rewards in this email.

Done, you should be connected.
Keep in mind you have to do this procedure every time you want to connect.

Brave creator, check your email. A phone number is required to verify this email address. More often than not, not everyone can have a phone number if you are abroad or use a different phone number. A phone number is always required to verify an account. So far, only a friend of mine found one good site and helped me solve this problem. Once I complained to him about a problem with account verification, and he agreed to look for a solution to my problem. Just a couple of days later, he found a site that has many UK numbers to verify his account. Thank you friend, if that site VerifyWithSMS

Only E-Mail afaik, but you have also other possibilities.

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