Brave crash's when starting

Description of the issue:
When starting brave, the window appears for a short time (less then a seccond) ad closes imedatly. It is only white.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Start Brave

Expected result:
Brave is running
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Can’t check about box, brave does not start.
Additional Information:
The last thing I did before this happend was restarting brave from the settings. I think it said there was an update and Brave need to restart to install it.

Before installing the update. the Brave revards box in the address bar did show that there were an error comunicating with the service (I think). I hoped this would be because of an outdated version, that’s why I looked in the settings if the browser was up to date. And it displayed that there were a new version.

Restart didn’t fix it. I also tried --disable-brave-sync and --disable-gpu

Ok after I tried everything out I found in this forum, and then posting it, I deleted the parameters I added to the shortcut. I then also tried to delete the --profile-directory=Default paramter that was already present. And that fixed it.

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Maybe it was just a coincidence. I now had the behavior again. After the tenth time I started the browser it stayed opened.

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