Brave Crashes randomly

For the past three days, brave just crashes randomly without any message. It just quits on its own. I am on version 1.44.105. Please Help

Could you disable Brave news and Cards ?
there’s a “Customise” option on the homepage / dashboard. Click that, click the “Cards” option, scroll to the bottom and move the slide to the left.
Doing this is helping.
This issue seems to be with many people.
Also, can you please send the report then reply here with the crash report ID (both can be done via brave://crashes).

here is the crash id : 45980600-f0bb-1809-0000-000000000000

these are all the crashes

Thanks. @steeven @Mattches. Do look into this.

You need to update the browser to the latest build as it has fixes for the crashes you’re encountering. Please update your browser to the latest version (v1.45.118) and please let me know if it continues to crash.

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