Brave crashes often on tablet using iPadOS 16.3.1 (20D67)

@TonyCr the answer is it didn’t come through. Originally I saw orange like could be clicked, but that just was the link to his post containing instructions. I know from my iPhone I tried to rename the .ips to .txt but it stayed as a .ips file and couldn’t be uploaded. Well, still remains true what I just did a strikethrough, but that’s only when you first save it. That’s because iOS slaps on the .ips at the end again. So rename once more and it becomes .txt, it asks you for confirmation about changing the file extension. So if you save it to your device, go to where you saved it and rename to .txt at the end, then do the confirmation to .txt you should then be able to upload the file here.

Had that not been working, or even beforehand, it would have helped if they just would have provided you their Brave email or changed the site here to allow different format. It shouldn’t be difficult like this, but unfortunately there’s just a disconnect on how Brave has things set up at this time.

Since there’s been the delays here already, what I’ll advise for you to do is just to email it to me if it might be easier for you. I’m going to give you an alternative email account of mine I don’t use, which is If you send it there, I can jump through some of the hoops and hurdles to provide it to them and so it’s not so stressful/annoying for you.

So you can email to me and I’ll change format or do what needs to be done so they can receive your crash logs, you can modify the file and share yourself, or whatever you want done.

Sorry it’s been so much trouble. And yeah, I edited this for clarity and to change tone I had originally. Hopefully not confusing to you and whichever you choose, we can get this through and Support and Developers can figure this out.

It’s on the way via the email address. Thanks so much.

I was able to get it and sent it over to them. Often I don’t see them active over the weekend, so it may not be until after Monday that they respond any further. But wanted to at least reply here to let it be known it’s received and passed along to them.

Quite alright. I appreciate the great response.


Hi Tony, more questions:

  • Do you use your iPad with any keyboard or mouse attached?
  • Did you enable some iOS accessibility settings?

We received the crash logs and are currently investigating. Unfortunately it crashes at high level and it’s not easy to pinpoint it to any specific part of our codebase

I have it on an Apple Smart Keyboard, no mouse. I took it off and tried it. I could get to settings without any problem. I put it back on the keyboard and it still works OK. Not sure what’s going on. I’ll keep trying it to see if the problem happens again. If so, I’ll let you know. If not, I guess it was one of the many gremlins that hang out in electronic devices and he was chased away.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for letting us know. It looks like a mix of an Apple and ours code.
We have one idea how to fix that but we have never been able to reproduce that even with the keyboard attached

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