Brave Consumes about 30%-70% processor usage

I have a i5-4570 @3.2Ghz, a Nvidia gtx 1060 and 16 GB ram. Crome and firefox both are using aproximatley5-10% of cpu with same tabs open like brave. Brave had similar if not less cpu usage before since around 1.4-1.5 versions. I viewed a topic similar to this but now is closed and anithing that was written there seems to not work. From what i saw on github, there are more people complaining about this issue. Hope you’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:
Note :the tab opened was youtube, and i just noticed that when i use just brave and no other programs the usage dropes about to 20% but still ramping up when i start evry other program. Finally i consider 20% too much becouse before latest updates the usage was 2-10% cpu usage.

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