Brave completely broken: I can see no texts on websites

This is how looks like:

And this is how Brave settings (Version page) looks like:

I tried to reinstall (even uninstall-reboot-install again), but no luck.

I am running Windows 11.

Same with Google and other sites:

Brave version?

Does it happen in a Private window?

Same in Private window:

And I even can not look at the extensions list:

Brave version: v 1.42.97 (latest)

And I did not install any new extensions lately. It just happened, I have no clue why. Chrome and other browsers work just fine


Generally, re-updating solves the problem

Taken from this post Most characters are missing on the application

Hello! Thank you! But I did tried reinstalling, it didn’t work


Clear browsing data, flushing dns and restarting device.

@shbchk have you tried disabling Shields, and hardware acceleration?

I’m also curious as to what happens if you hit Ctrl+A (select all) on an affected site.

This should tell us if the text data really ‘are not there,’ vs. ‘they are there but I can’t see them’ since the cause could be different between the two outcomes.

@JimB1 Ctrl+A:

Ctrl+A+mouse drag:

@steeven Shield is off (and Ctrl+A):


That’s interesting. looks okay, but the other websites are broken:

Huge shot in the dark, but there anything that might be applying a dark mode theme? Even up at the OS level.

Using Latest version [Version 1.42.97 Chromium: 104.0.5112.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)]
and there are no problems in Windows 8.1

Have you made any changes in the control panel ? or installed any new softwares/extensions on your pc ? That might be the issue

this latest update version has been made for a while like a week and since there has been no issues reported, the problem might be on your end. try recalling what changes you made to your pc and revert them back.

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