Most characters are missing on the application

Description of the issue: Hello, I I encountered a small problem. Loads of characters (Letters, numbers, etc. Everything) has been replaced by black squares. On some pages (like simply after a research, in the settings)… most of the characters are still normal, but on other, like twitters, everything seems gone.

Any idea how that could be solved ? I already tried to reinstall Brave, to reset the parameters, to restart my computer…

Brave Version : 1.42.97

Additional Information:

If that can help, before the bug happened, the only thing I did with Brave (except the usual searching stuff) was switching my default navigator to Edge, in order to link an Ubisoft account. I switched back to Brave as my default shortly after.


Check these:

  1. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData and clear browsing data
  2. Open brave://settings/system and make sure Hardware Acceleretaion is disabled.
  3. OPen brave://settings/fonts and check as in image below.

Thanks for answering ! Sadly, I just tried those options and it changed nothing


Try re updating from here and restarting pc.

Thanks ! I tried to update it 2 times after your message, with no effect. It worked the third one, without having to restart my computer

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