Android not receiving ads

I’m using the latest Brave Browser (beta) on my android device.

I recently noticed that unlike my brave desktop browser - I’m not receiving any ads.

Annoyingly i’ve lost around 18 BAT doing some testing (as I wasn’t connected to a verified wallet due to lacking the minimum 25 BAT).

I Initially thought my VPN may be causing issues. Singularly I attempted to disable cybersec and restart my phone, this had no effect.

I then added Brave to my split tunnel so it bypases the VPN. no effect.

I then completely disabled my VPN, restarted my phone and I have the same issue.

Oddly - if I re-install the app, ads seem to work temporarily (less than 24 hours), but then just randomly stop appearing.

This has escalated from around 2 months ago, where ads stopped appearing and a restart of my phone worked.

The new brave beta seems to allow me to connect to a wallet without the minimum 25 BAT. I have connected the wallet and checked the amount my uphold account and brave desktop browser is showing to ensure they match, and they do.

Does anyone have any idea why this may not be working for me?

Hey Traviscon,

Does this issue persist on the standard release or Brave Nightly on your Android?

Looks like my brave beta had an update overnight, and I’m now receiving ads. Even with Brave browser split from my Vpn. I’ll monitor it, but looks good so far.

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