Brave Browser Taken over 27GB+ RAM and refuses to crash or show up aw snap error.. This is outstanding ability! Thanks to Brave Shields and Windows 8.1

Great Job Brave team

See my Task Manager


The part of the reason for the stability might also be due to the fact CPU/Windows 8.1 gives all of its attention to brave browser as there is nothing else much running in the background as you see on the previous image…

it could also be due to the New Desktop PC upgrade… previously on older laptop if the RAM consumption were to hit 11gb, brave browser will show up aw snap error or something like out of memory error… it will also sometimes show “Wait and Exit page” errors…but now after upgrading to DDR4 the performance is great… please continue to update BRAVE SHIELDS forever…i mean the components updates as brave shields is doing its job perfectly except for youtube… Also i dont have to overthink about brave shields not working with yt because i have implemented my own version of adblocking and it works flawlessly, NO ads on yt aswell… THANK YOU

I will post loom videos related to that later