App not working if brave is the default browser

My bank app works fine if I set chrome or duck duck go or even the default Xiaomi browser as my default. It has worked fine with Brave as the default browser for at least a year. But since yesterday I can’t use it unless I set some other browser as the default. The app is fine with five other browser’s, but not brave. Can this be fixed?

@Edev this is because of privacy settings. By default, Brave has it to open links in the browser and not to open external apps. If you want to reverse this, just go to SettingsBrave Shields & Privacy → scroll down to Other privacy settings area where you’ll see a toggle for Allow appl links to open in apps outside of Brave.

If you have that turned on, links you click will open in their app instead of Brave.

Thanks, that worked, really grateful for your support. Does that mean that I am less secure now, as Brave let’s me outside their protection?

Fix is going out for the next Brave release

Thanks for that, great to have support out there.

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