Brave Browser marking every website as "Not Secure"!

I recently installed Brave browser on my computer using BraveStandaloneSetup.exe it worked fine at first but now it marks websites such as MEGA as “Not Secure” even it marks this website “Brave Community” as “Not Secure” and its very annoying. Network also works very slow and downloads also though I have a fast broadband connection.

Even In ChatGPT, Brave tells me that the certificae is invalid and its a blank page. Whereas, in Google Chrome it opens perfectly.

Please someone help me on this issue!!

What operating system are you using? Or maybe some extension must be causing some problem. If so, uninstall the entire extension and restart the browser and re-enter the page again.

I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and I only have uBlock Origin extension installed. I dont want to remove it as Brave shows ads in youtube.

did you try previously if you uninstalled and reinstalled the Brave browser and see if the secure site works. and if it doesn’t work try Brave Beta and also try Brave Nightly: to see if it works with Brave Beta and Nightly if the site is secure

@NoUsername666 Did you put Brave Shield in aggressive mode? yes that’s how it is. That would be enough. to block all ads on YouTube. It is not necessary to use the UBO extension because it would paralyze Brave Shields and UBO.

Sorry for being inactive for a few days.

I dont wanna uninstall Brave again as I had so much issues previously when I tried to reinstall Brave again. I disabled UBO extension and turned on aggresive mode for Brave but it still showed ads on youtube and I had to enable Ublock Origin extension again. I think the method you told only works for latest version of Brave.