Brave browser dragging my phone down

I have been using Brave as the browser on my new to me Galaxy S9 phone for some time without issue. I frequent the website frequently and just recently when opening that page my phone becomes totally unresponsive, screen locks up and I have to wait for about a minute before the phone/page begins to respond…although sluggishly. It is basically unusable on a site I have used often without issue.

If I close the tab with the browser functions normally on all other pages I frequent. The hibid pages work normally on both Samsung and chrome browsers on my phone as well as the brave browser on my laptop.

I have tried removing Brave from my phone and reinstalling, but the issue remains…if I open the hibid website on my phone using Brave it basically turns my phone into a brick.

Any Ideas on what I might try to get one of my favorite pages to work on the only browser I care to use?

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