Brave browser crashes unexpectedly less than 1 second after startup

Good evening everyone,

I have recently heard a lot about this browser after watching a few Youtube ads and decided to give this one a shot. I downloaded it tonight and the installation went fine. When the wizard finished, I navigated over to the application file and started it up. However, the app quickly showed up on my doc as starting up, (bouncing up and down) before promptly disappearing. I would get a notification from apple saying “Brave browser quit unexpectedly.”
In my “Brave Browser” folder in Application support, the only folder within is titled, “Brave-Browser-(1).” In that folder is a document named “promoCode.” There is nothing else in the Brave browser folder.
I am running macOS big sur at the latest version. I have a mid-2017 mac if that means anything.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Not sure exactly what happened here, but please try the following:

  1. Delete all traces of Brave from your mac (anything in Application Support, trash the dock icon, etc).
  2. Visit our official website and download the installer again.
  3. Run the installer again – please ensure to drag the app to the Applications folder when prompted (if installing via .dmg).

Try launching the browser again and let me know the results.

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