Brave browser card in uphold not showing up

Hello! I’m new to brave ads and rewards and to uphold as well and i’m curious why i didn’t get a brave browser card on uphold even though i did verify my brave wallet to uphold. In the brave rewards menu i still see the option to verify the wallet every time i open the menu and i even clicked it and verified it a few times. I do have a brave rewards card for the brave creator account and a BAT card showing up among euro, dolar and other currencies, but nothing specifically for brave ads. Did my wallet verification fail? Did i miss something when setting up uphold?
Thank you!

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same problem here!!! i already funded my brave wallet with uphold, but still not showing up in my rewards and i want to tip

i asked at uphold customer support and they told me to come here

@Mihnea @Seiya6890 apologies for late response.

When you connecting Uphold account, did the button (BAT triangle icon at URL bar) changed from “Verify wallet” to “Wallet verified”?

no, i still get “verify wallet” on that brave rewards menu, even though in the uphold account it says “Congratulations! Your Uphold account is now connected with Brave Browser and ready to use.”

Thanks for the confirmation @Mihnea. We’ve an issue logged for this. I added your +1 on your behalf.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

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still the same, verify wallet

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you should add your +1 on if you didn’t do it already, maybe it will draw more attention on the issue

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