Brave browser card in uphold not showing up - solved

Hello! I had a problem in which i could not verify my wallet to uphold, i was getting into a loop of verifying the wallet and not actually being linked to uphold. This morning it was solved. I now have the wallet linked, i can see “brave browser” card in uphold and it has the right amount of BAT; in the rewards menu from brave i finally get the message “wallet verified”. The only problem now is that when i click on the bat triangle in the url bar i get this error “Uh oh. Your wallet is unreachable. No worries. This can happen for a variety of security reasons. Reconnecting your wallet will solve this issue.” to which i’ve read i should click on the error message or the cancel button while i’m connected to uphold, but i don’t have a cancel button and clicking the error message doesn’t do anything.
Thank you Brave team for looking into this issue and solving it, i hope this tiny problem remaining is going to be fixed as well and that my feedback helps.

Hi @Mihnea,

Thank you for reporting! What OS and Brave version are you currently using? Can you send a screenshot of your rewards panel?

on windows, brave version is [Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)]
i’m not sure which is the rewards panel, but in the meantime the cancel button showed up and now eveything is working.

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